August 22nd, 2019 Newsletter No. 13

We are over half way through term 3 and there’s lots happening. Our Book Week Celebration Day today gave students the opportunity to really appreciate picture books from an artistic viewpoint, to learn from each other in cross age groupings and to have great fun dressing up and parading as their favourite book characters. To ‘double loop’ the learning our focus books were connected to our Saving the Planet inquiry focus.


Teachers are doing their own learning with all involved in Peer Observation rounds, where they focus on an aspect of student agency in their teaching and observe, discuss, gather feedback and learn from each other. Kids often think it’s strange to have another teacher observing in their classroom and learning from them and what they are doing and saying.

Next week our grade 5/6s head off to Malmsbury Camp, catching the 9.05 train from South Geelong and we’ll no doubt hear lots about their adventures once they return to school on Thursday. Thursday is also when our 2020 Preps come to visit from 2-3pm and when Kelly Club launch after school care. We have also found that Dylan, Edan, Ethan T, Murphy and Zoe have progressed to the second round of the combined school athletics competition.


We are reminded again this week of how wonderful our community is with repairs done by the Men’s Shed and the donation of a new BBQ table, generous financial donations by the Progress Association and a Probus Club member, and the firing of Grade 5/6 clay creations by Sue at the Community Hub. We are also grateful for the numerous volunteers who pop their head in our door and offer their support and expertise.



Our weekly assembly will now be on Friday afternoon rather than Monday mornings. We believe that this will be an effective way to celebrate our learning and finish the week and it also allows more time for literacy on Mondays. We’re trialing it til the end of term. As always we value your feedback. We hope to see you next Friday, August 30th at 2.45


Recycling collection point

Students have really taken our sustainability focus to heart with all classes having projects on the go. All boxes from the foyer are now in one place – just inside the glass doors. A one stop recycling point. Keep all the goodies coming in until the end of term – bottle tops, batteries, colgate products, cardboard tubes and bread tags


Let’s support Learning

Parents just a gentle reminder that if you need to go into classrooms we’d appreciate you doing so through the office and checking that you are not interrupting learning. It’s very easy to do so in our open space!



Students are looking forward to improving their swimming skills during the last week of term, no matter what their capabilities. Our school’s 5 day Swimming Program commences on Monday September 16th at Splashdown in Newcomb Park. This is a part of our school’s normal educational program and is a very important life skill, so all children are expected to attend. Living in an area which is located near the water it is vitally important that our students learn to swim and understand what they need to do to keep themselves safe when swimming or playing near pools, rivers and other open water areas.

If your child will not be participating we’d like an explanation by phone or in writing. Students not participating are to attend school where an alternate program will be provided. Notices and money need to be returned by August 30th. If there are financial difficulties please see Jenny or Janette. A lot of wasted admin time, and teacher and student angst is caused by us needing to chase people up who do not respond. We need time to organise ability groupings to run a successful program at the pool and at school. Its great that 52 out of 113 students have already responded!


Jenny Cowburn