St Leonards Outdoor Sensory Safe Space

Yay the SLOSSS is open! St Leonards Outdoor Sensory Safe Space.  In 2017 teachers worked with grade 5/6 students and community members, Sonja Di Pietro and Wayne Long to create the SLOSSS concept.

It was based on the idea that we have plenty of active play spaces in our school but no quiet relaxing spaces where kids can just hangout and enjoy nature and being outdoors. Although there is a little more work to be done the fences are down and we can now begin to enjoy the SLOSSS. Over the holidays phase 2, around the water tank, will be completed with community planting earlier next term.

All students have planted plants with Preps and 1s planting a bottle tree and grass tree as feature plants. We hope they will grow and thrive as students move through the school.

We would appreciate adult support in encouraging your children to use the SLOSSS as outlined below and modelling doing the same. We would also appreciate volunteers to water a few plants at 3pm one day per week for 10 minutes. Please let Jenny know which day would suit you.

Below are the SLOSS Guidelines we ask students to follow:

We need to take care of our new space.

It is a quiet, relaxing space to play.

Let the grass grow and let the plants grow.

We need to water the plants.


1. We only walk and stay on the path.

2. Ball games and chasing games are played at the back of the school.

3. We will look after the plants and watch were we tread.

4. We will leave the rocks on the ground.

5. Go in the cubbies and the boat, but not behind them.

6. You will be asked to go and play at the back of the school if you do not follow the expectations.

Sustainability Expo Day - next Thursday September 12th

Our focus this term has been Sustainability – Sharing Our Planet. The SLPS Environment Group are planning a special day on Thursday September 12 to celebrate all of the amazing work students across the school have done this term to help our planet.

Did you know that fast fashion is one of the biggest problems for the environment at the moment? It takes around 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt. Students are invited to take part in a slow fashion event - to wear their favourite or oldest clothes and instead of a gold coin donation, bring one piece of clothing to be recycled. The piece of clothing should be unsuitable for the op shop - we are looking for worn out or stained items that will be shredded and turned into new textiles.

Student leaders have some exciting learning tasks organised for after recess. Then from 1.40 we are having a Sustainability Expo where all grade 3 to 6 students promote and display their recycling bin prototypes that they have designed and constructed during STEAM lessons. We will vote for the best designs. Prep, grade 1 and 2 students will display and discuss their habitat dioramas. We’d love you to pop in during this session to see their wonderful work. We also need cardboard tubes for one of our tasks –send them in please.

School Council

School Council will meet next Monday after school. This term they have been instrumental in organizing OHSC with Kelly Club. They were thrilled to see so many parents attend the Open Day last week. Please return your forms to the office and stay tuned for the term 4 start date for after school sessions.

One of the items on the agenda next week is planning for 2020. At this stage

our numbers will drop and we are likely to have 5 classes. It’s always a puzzle working out class combinations and prioritizing programs that will provide the best outcomes for our students within our budget. Remember that School Council is your voice and members will happily raise any ideas or concerns that you have.

School Council Members: Cate McTighe-Harper, Jen Green, Chloe Trevor, Trudi Kyrou, Emma Moxon, Alice Moorfield, Kate McCabe, Jenny Cowburn, Chris Layley and Alanah Carroll.

Jenny Cowburn