Stationary Orders for 2024

Dear Families,

We're excited to announce that our stationery orders payment system is now operational through Office Works!

Please find below comprehensive information and instructions on how to utilise the system efficiently. Please take a moment to review the below document, which includes step-by-step instructions for placing stationery orders and making voluntary financial contributions.


Orders for stationary can be placed through Office Works and need to be done by 26th January 2024 to ensure delivery for the first day of school but orders will be open until 2nd Feburary 2024. 


We encourage you to place stationary orders through Office Works so that they have the correct materials, particularly exercise books and so that your child/ren has the same materials as everybody else. Please contact the office if you need support.


You can find the list of required supplies and stationary lists at


Orders needs to be done online via this link of by scanning the QR code. 



You will also find the instructions here.