School Council

The School Council consists of 7 elected parent representatives, 2 elected Department of Education representatives and the principal who is the Executive Officer of Council. Members are elected for a two year term with half the positions being vacated each year. School Council elections are held in February. School Council meets at 4:30 pm on a day to be decided by the members each year.


School Council has a number of committees that develop plans, policies and special projects for the short and long term future of the school. They include Fundraising, Grounds and Maintenance, Finance and Education Committees. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these groups, please let us know.



Members of School Council in 2024 are:


President - Tamara Layley

Vice- President - Amy Lawes

Treasurer - Lorraine Cattani

Fundraising Convenor – Roxy Ziegler

Ben McDonald, DET member

Stef Micallef, DET member

Taliska Rumler

Craig Villinger

Kate McCabe


Executive Officer – Melissa Smith, Acting Principal