School Wide Positive Behaviour

The school values of respect, responsibility and safety are upheld by all through the implementation of our Positive School Wide Behaviour Program, which is an expectation for everybody. The school values, learner strengths and Respectful Relationships program are explicitly taught as part of the curriculum.

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix is used by our community, at school and at home, to provide clear expectations and a common language.





Part of our whole school focus on School Wide Positive Behaviour and the explicit teaching of our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Safety means that we closely track student behaviours, both negative and positive. This helps us provide additional support when needed for students struggling to regulate their behaviours.


If a student chooses not to show respectful, responsible or safe behaviours in the classroom or in the playground they will be asked to complete a reflection sheet. Some students are supported by staff to do this, most students complete them themselves and will have a follow up discussion with their teacher, Mrs Layley or Mrs Cowburn.


The reflection sheet looks at which value has not been followed, how others have been affected by their behaviour choices and what the student will do ‘to make things right’ which is a restorative approach to supporting students. Through this process, students realise that they have to accept responsibility for their behaviour rather than blame someone else.


Depending on the incident, there may be a follow up consequence for students or parents contacted. We find the best outcomes for students occur when families work alongside us and support this approach. Peer nominations for SWPB values take place weekly. Students have the opportunity to nominate one of their classmates that they have noticed modelling the value or learner strength we are focusing on at the time.