Teaching and Learning

Our role is to lay the foundations for life long learning. 
We continuously strive for excellence in education for all, through a focus on the student, relevant curriculum, quality teaching and a supportive school environment. 


  • To provide personalised learning that enables each student to succeed and challenge themselves to achieve their personal best
  • To develop an inclusive learning community which includes students, staff, school families, local and online communities
  • To create a happy, safe and supportive environment for every member of our learning community
  • To assist children to become highly literate and numerate and competent with technology
  • To provide a balanced holistic education that nurtures the whole child and provides opportunities to learn from lots of experiences in many different settings, especially beyond the classroom
  • To empower students so they can take increasing responsibility for their own learning and wellbeing
  • To provide a stimulating, rigorous learning program that includes all key learning areas in the  Victorian Curriculum
  • Our key learning areas are:

Inquiry - 21st Century Learning & Technology
Physical Education