Teaching and Learning



Teaching and Learning

St Leonards Primary School is a learning community where students, teachers and community members are all actively engaged in learning.  Our role is to lay the foundations for lifelong learning. 
We continuously strive for excellence in education for all, through a focus on the student, relevant curriculum, quality teaching and a supportive school environment. 


We endeavour to:


  • Nurture all students to become St Leonards Learners; inquirers who have voice and agency in their own learning.
  • Provide personalised learning that enables each student to succeed and challenge themselves to achieve their personal best
  • Develop an inclusive learning community which includes students, staff, school families, local and online communities
  • Create a happy, safe and supportive environment for every member of our learning community
  • Assist children to become highly literate and numerate and competent with technology
  • Provide a balanced holistic education that nurtures the whole child and provides opportunities to learn from lots of experiences in many different settings, especially beyond the classroom
  • Empower students so they have voice and agency and can take increasing responsibility for their own learning and wellbeing
  • Provide a sequential, stimulating, rigorous learning program that includes all key learning areas and capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum http://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/


Our key learning areas are:


English, Mathematics, Inquiry Learning, Health and Physical Education, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Visual and Performing Arts and Indonesian.

Our school day normally starts with an English session, which includes reading and writing, followed by Mathematics for after recess.


Inquiry Learning has a central focus and enables students to learn and integrate skills across many key curriculum areas especially English, the arts, technology, science, geography and history. Learning is hands on and often challenge based. Students are encouraged to be creative and curious. Collaboration, thinking, posing questions, problem solving, creativity and a real connectedness to learning are key ingredients.


Physical Education is taught during a weekly lesson and students participate in regular in school sporting games and activities as well as a range of specific sporting programs across the year. These include an intensive swimming program. Senior students also participate in football, netball, soccer, cross country and athletics with other schools during the year.


Visual and Performing Arts, Indonesian and STEAM are timetabled for weekly lessons and taught by skilled specialist teachers. 


Digital Learning

Digital learning is involved in all key learning areas and students frequently use ipads and computers as learning tools. Students often work online and access Google drive to save work.

We encourage students to be creators of digital content as well as consumers. Students are taught to be proactive digital citizens and we expect all our learning community to commit to being safe and kind online.


The Focus on Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) is the model for continuous school improvement. Teachers are committed to continuous professional development to provide excellence in teaching and learning through building practice excellence and curriculum planning and assessment.