About Us

St Leonards Primary School is a small school with a big heart!

The school provides quality learning to all students, so that they receive the best possible education academically, socially and emotionally.


At St Leonards Primary School our mission is to develop future capable learners who will become great adults.

Our values are respect, responsibility and safety.

We aim to develop future capable learners who have the 5Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity and Compassion

In our rapidly changing world it is vital that people are not only literate and numerate, but also able to solve problems and make decisions creatively. It is our responsibility and passion to engender a love of learning.

Each student is entitled to a personalised, balanced, high quality education with continuous opportunities to develop passions, to succeed and to shine. There is a strong focus across the school on numeracy and literacy, which provides individual learners with the strategies and tools needed to be successful.

At our school students continue their learning journey on a balanced pathway, socially and academically. Inclusiveness and getting along with others is essential to be able to work and learn together and grow into active, informed, caring citizens.


The school values of respect, responsibility and safety are upheld by all through the implementation of our Positive School Wide Behaviour Program, which is an expectation for all. St Leonards Primary School is a learning community where students, teachers and community members are all actively engaged in learning. 

The students, staff and I look forward to welcoming you to our school, online or in person. We love having visitors!

Jenny Cowburn