About Us


Our school is located on the Bellarine Peninsula, in a small coastal town. Our campus is in the midst of the St Leonards township, just 100 metres from the beach and Port Phillip Bay and only a few minutes from Edwards Point Nature Reserve and Swan Bay. Our students have a rich outdoor classroom, a place where they are immersed in community and the natural, marine and coastal environment. 


At St Leonards Primary School our mission is to develop future capable learners who will become great adults.

Our values are respect, responsibility and safety.

We will achieve our mission by nurturing students to:

  • want to learn, know how to learn and be engaged and have agency in their learning
  • know that anything is possible
  • be creative, curious and confident inquirers
  • be happy, caring and inclusive with a strong sense of community
  • have high expectations of themselves and others


Student Voice is a priority. We actively encourage all students to share their thoughts and ideas in an environment underpinned by trust and respect. We want students to offer realistic suggestions for the good of the whole and accept responsibility not only for what they say but for what needs to be done.


Our children learn academically, emotionally and socially in a thriving supportive learning community. We value connections with families. Learning happens at home, outdoors and the digital world provides learning and communication opportunities anywhere anytime. A partnership between school, family and community provides the best learning opportunities for children.


We nurture our children to become St Leonards Learners so that they have skills knowledge and dispositions for the future.  All children learn and develop the St Leonards Learners values and strengths.Our learning community is symbolised by the St Leonards pier and the animals that live underneath represent our St Leonards Learner strengths and values:


Respect Responsibility Safety

Collaborators Communicators Researchers Thinkers Self-Managers